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Mighty IT Limited are experts in copying and printing, we use the KyoCera brand of printing and copying systems to give you the cheapest copy and print costs from the most reliable machines available on the market.  Kyocera are built to last so no 5 year contracts, ongoing monthly lease costs, and minimum charges.  When you own the machine, it is yours and you only pay for the prints and copies your company needs at the lowest per page rates in the industry.  Challenge us!

Internet Security

Mighty IT are Speciaists in Internet Security, we offer system audit services to examine where your company is vulnerable from ransomware and external threats.

We offer solutions utilising the Fortinet range of unified gateway devices to stop threats BEFORE they get in to your systems.  Ransomware attacks are vicious and if precautions aren't taken and maintained, valuable data is lost forever.

Computer Networks

Bread and butter systems we have done for years, we know what works best for the least cost.  We only use brandname HP and Lenovo computers for servers which deliver reliability and bang for your buck.  The latest solid state disk drives (SSD) and virtualised platforms give your company the advantage it needs to grow and move to the next level.

Integrated Systems

Why re-invent the wheel?  We integrate your cloud computing, networking, and phone systems in to a seamless system that increases productivity and saves monthly cloud and telco costs.  These systems allow workers to access the systems and phone technology at the office, at their home, on the move, or overseas as if they were in the office.


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